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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your carpet cleaning questions with our comprehensive FAQ page. Learn about our cleaning methods, services, and benefits of keeping your carpets clean and fresh. Contact us for professional and efficient carpet cleaning solutions.


Why should I have my carpets professionally cleaned?

The knowledge, chemicals and equipment held by professional carpet cleaners by far exceeds that of the regular home. Off the shelf products are not close in comparison to those we hold and can actually damage carpets beyond repair. We attend carpets on a weekly basis which have been bleach damaged by attempted stain removal with the wrong chemical. 
Hire machines are also problematic with issues of over wetting and shrinkage. This is due to them being of insufficient power.
If you want to guarantee the safety of your carpets and upholstery and prolong the life of them, then professional cleaning is the only answer.

How can I check availability and book my clean?

It's really simple to get a slot and book in. Either complete the contact form on this website or call/whatsapp 07360 092147 where we will reply ASAP - usually almost instantly.
A deposit of 30% of the quoted value may be required to reserve your slot.

Which payments do you accept and when do I pay?

Cash or card payments are both accepted with invoiced bank transfers for commercial clients.
Payment for all domestic work must be paid on the day of completion before the operator leaves the premises.
Commercial clients are given 30 day terms for repeat custom with the first job being pro-forma.
Deposits by way of bank transfer can be requested for new customers.

How do you clean?

Here at Bassetlaw Pro-Clean we have the latest equipment and keep up to date with the latest developments in techniques and chemicals.
Your clean will be assessed and as such will be treated individually as soiling levels and material wear differs from one job to the next. We also have to consider that some materials are more delicate than others and certain chemicals must be avoided. 
We do come equipped with everything needed to ensure your property is cleaned to its full potential as safely as possible.
Hot Water Extraction (HWE) is the most common method for carpet cleaning and the method you have possibly seen before. Our HWE method is four stages and is excellent for full santisation.
Low moisture cleaning is also offered and is often the choice of many as it leaves the item 95% dry on completion.

Do you move furniture?

It is the responsibility of the home owner to prepare the property prior to our arrival. 
We would advise leaving large items such as sofas and units in situ and removing smaller items such as coffee tables etc. 
Bear in mind that carpets need airflow to dry so it is unwise to clean below a unit which will then sit on a damp surface.

I'm nervous and/or feel vulnerable around contractors in my home?

Rest assured Bassetlaw Pro-Clean are fully CRB checked, extremely friendly and will put you completely at ease. 
We currently help many vulnerable customers who have extra needs and we'll do everything we can to make your work as relaxing as possible. We're sure upon completion you'll look back and consider your clean a pleasant experience that has left your home clean and fresh.
You could also consider asking a friend or relative to join us on the day.

What about my pets?

Please let us know about any pet stains prior to arrival. 
Your door may be open for sometime during the clean so it is the homeowners responsibility to ensure your pets are secured safely and can not escape.

How long do things take to dry?

Using the latest equipment, drying times are reduced as much as possible but as with every cleaning procedure there will always be some residue. 
If you are concerned about moisture you can request a low moisture clean which will be 95% dry on completion.

Can you remove all stains?

No cleaner will ever guarantee that all stains can be removed but we have much more related knowledge and are armed with the best chemicals so we have a great chance of removing stains. If you do have a stain please avoid supermarket stain removers as these can actually lock in stains and make them permanent.
What we do guarantee is that we will get your carpet, rug or upholstery back to it's absolute best.

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