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A Day In The Life Of A Carpet Cleaner

So sometimes I get asked what my day usually looks like so I thought I'd blog about a regular day being me. If you make it to the end well done lol !!!

First things first - Coffee and breakfast. It takes a mega-pint of coffee to get me fully awake. I'm always up early but a bit fuzzy till the coffee kicks in! I have breakfast too which is the best meal of the day in my opinion! I wait for breakfast though till the kids are at school! It's more peaceful this way!!!! Todays breakfast was a slow cooker concoction on toasted tiger bread with a fried egg. Was spot on to be honest! I'm usually a bit (well a lot actually) greedy but managed to just have one slice today! Even if today goes terrible at least I've achieved something already!

After breakfast it's dog walk time for an hour. Today we go down the Chesterfield Canal. It's lovely down there! Countryside beat city everytime!!!!

So on to the first job in Leverton to a customer who employs us for an annual clean. This job was a synthetic lounge and a wool stair and landing carpet. Wool carpets can catch you out if the correct chemicals are not used so the fibres are tested and the chemicals mixed on the job. This wool carpet looked immaculate on arrival but as with all carpets, it's been twelve months so the dust needed removing and the pH level resetting to protect the fibres. The synthetic carpet had been subjected to builders so needed a good deep clean to ensure plaster dust etc was extracted. The job went well so off to Clarborough.

This job was a rug clean for a lady who lives in a busy cottage and the rug lives in the kitchen meaning it gets LOTS of traffic and was very old. We had a nice chat with the customer but sadly she told us that she lost her husband last year and she was still feeling it every day. It was then time to get the van cleaned. Whilst doing so I got a text from another carpet cleaner who had seen me in the queue. He told me the guys cleaning it had missed a bit!!!! I eat my food whilst in the car wash!

The last job was in Dinnington and it was a sofa clean. The customers had purchased a property that had required a full renovation so the sofa had been trashed. They were going to throw it away but with a good restoration it was saved. I was pleased with the final result and the customer booked us to clean their hard floors and a rug.

We got back to Retford in time to pick the middle girl up from school so that was a decent day all round!

It's not easy running a small business as during that work I was taking calls, answering emails and replying to messages but I wouldn't have it any other way!

If you'd like us to come and restore your carpets, upholstery don't hesitate to get in touch. Also don't forget we offer a full service for Marble and Stone surfaces from general cleaning to full restoration including diamond and resin grinding.

Thanks for reading and thanks very much to all our customers including todays - Craig x


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